Sparco circuit seat

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This seat is aimed for the smaller build ( up to waist size 32-34) , the circuit 2 version is for the larger build. 

The Circuit is an ultra-light competition seat available in 2 sizes. Made from aramadic fibers-reinforced fiberglass, the Circuit has an ultra-light shell. It features integrated bolsters to protect the head and a unique cushion design that helps separate the driver’s legs. The ultra-light shell is then wrapped in an impact-absorbing and fire retardant fabric that helps hold the body. 

  • HANS compatible
  • High sides for improved lateral support
  • Lightweight fiberglass shell
  • Non-slip material on shoulders and base cushion
  • Side mounting
  • Removable base and back cushions
  • Self-extinguishing fabric
  • For Use With 4, 5 or 6 Point Race Harnesses

Available in 2 sizes: Circuit (standard) and Circuit II (XL)

FIA Approved.